"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." -Thomas Merton

Monday, February 5, 2018

Floral Fabric Cover Junk Journal

I seriously need to use these old paper collections I have accumulated over the years!

And, as I was going through my neglected paper stash, I came upon the Bo Bunny Gabrielle paper line.  I immediately remembered what drew me to that collection…the gorgeous designs, colors of cream, various hues of aqua, brown and coral.  And, I found upon viewing these papers again that they sparked a renewed energy and inspiration.  So I set about creating this junk journal. 

The size of the journal cover is 4.5 inches wide and 9 inches in length.  It is a pamphlet style with one signature.  There are 54 pages in total which includes both inside covers and the short papers. 

Some of my favorite features in the journal are as follows:

 Filigree Pendant Hitch:  I knew I wanted a simple cover and a closing hitch, but I didn’t have the proper hitch to affix to the cover.  I sewed a button through the fabric to secure it, but it didn’t give me the height I needed to wrap the textured teal ribbon around the button.  I resolved this by affixing this pretty filigree pendant on top of the button and sewed it down through the underneath button and fabric.  I wasn’t going to give up using that teal colored ribbon because it really helps set-off the colors in the journal and adds lovely texture.

 Inside cover page features an aqua ribbon woven through a flower lace pattern and tied at the middle.  I must do this again, as I love the effect.

Elegant Twig: After pruning a shrub one day,  a small fragment fell down.  As I reached down to pick it up, I envisioned what it could look like slathered in gesso with pretty embroidery thread wrapped around the twig.  It’s interesting how you view objects after you become a junk journalist. ;)

White Kraft Long Flap Envelope from A Tattered Dream on Etsy:  I just can’t say enough about these envelopes and their design.  They are so unique in their design and the paper quality takes on inks and staining beautifully.  I do think I should have diluted the coffee a little bit before applying it to the envelopes, and I’ll remember that the next time.  There’s stamping and some Tim Holtz stencil work with Antique Linen and Vintage Photo inks.  I save some of the die-cut remnants and used them as collage pieces. I think die-cuts and chipboard remnants add a lot of interest in a collage with very little bulk.

 Vintage Photo of Little Girl on Chair:  I adore this photo of this young girl sitting on the chair with her legs dangling from the seat.  You can tell her sweater is skewed because one side is longer than the other…I think she dressed herself that morning.  I had these little bits of trim left over from a previous project, and I thought I could use them to adorn the photo.   The trim was placed on layers of paper and sewn in places for more texture and topped off with more ribbon and a petite size jewelry tag.  The element piece became a pocket on the page.  Some embellishment pieces just design themselves and this is a fine example. 

Paper Tags:  I think these page tabs are one of my favorite embellishments to create. Each one is unique, and since I am fond of “elegance,” I think they render some tattered elegance and a little shimmer and shine.  Just tear off a piece of designer paper and fold it down the middle (don’t try to make a perfect square or rectangular shape… you want it to look tattered). Open it up and apply layers on both sides of the torn fold with a lacy bit, sari silk ribbon, embroidery or metallic threads, and sew them down in a straight stitch and ziz zag stitch, and with a threaded fine needle weave in some pretty beads, or add a button.  They’re really simple.

Thank you for viewing, and I hope I have inspired you to use some of these ideas in your junk journals too.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Artists' Cafe Junk Journal

Have you worked on a journal and 85% into the process,
you pull a 180 degree turn and start another one? 
I finished the “other one” in record time! 
It just moved on its own…
while the “first one” sits in a box packed away waiting for a rainy day. 
I truly love the “first one,”
but I ran into some technical issues…
the covers on junk journals really throw me.
I feel so inept when it comes to the covers. 
You know those places that finish up a quilt cover for a fellow quilter? 
The quilter does all the designing and sewing. 
Then they send the unfinished quilt it to a woman or company who will finish the top of the quilt.
I wish there was such a place I could send my finished journal pages to
so that they could design covers for me. Ha.
So here I am sharing with you my “Artists’ CafĂ© Junk Journal.” 
It’s a pretty place where I can journal my fav online artists,
record places to purchase goods for junk journals,
and other websites that I find inspiring…
you may find your blog or website in my journal someday too. ;).   


Monday, January 1, 2018

White Kraft Envelopes with Long Flaps for Junk Journal Journalists

Happy New Year Friends!
I got a little me time over the  holidays 
to start working on a 
Reflections Junk Journal.
I so adore those White Kraft Envelopes
with Long Flaps for 
Junk Journalists.
These envelopes can be purchased at

The journal pages are 4.5 by 6.5 inches and 
you can see that the
white kraft envelopes fit fine on this page size.
The paper quality of these envelopes worked well with
the coffee dying process.
I chose to use a moist coffee filter with the wet grounds still
in the filter.  I then punched the filter down on top of
each envelope until I arrived at the desired appearance. 
A Tim Holtz stencil and Vintage Photo Distressed Ink pad were used
to create more interest as well at some stamping too.
Of course, I had to alter them with some mixed media elements to 
make them shine. 
I hope I have inspired you to use these envelopes in a new way in
your junk journal. 
Unfortunately, I did not buy enough of these envelopes
so I will be purchasing more soon. 
Thank you for viewing with me!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Holidays: Christmas Junk Journal

Happy Holidays Friends!
I’ve had this project on my art desk in various stages for some time now.
I was delighted to find some time to sneak away and finish it up before the year ended.    
Like many of you, I adore working with fibers, threads and fabrics,
and in this project I created little page labels and tags using these items.
I love how the little labels came out and will use this technique again. 
I found inspiration in putting these colors together when I came upon a Pier 1 Christmas sale and found this fabulous birch tree inspired paper wrapping.
I couldn’t wait to unwrap it and get started to complete the journal.
See the link to my YouTube Channel below, and 
Here are some of pages you will find in my junk journal:

  Check out what became of the wrapping paper in my junk journal too.

The little metal round tag, inventory tags, elegant and delicate tatting looking lacy bit,
and the black and white striped paper bas was purchased from A Tattered Dream on Etsy 

Thank you for looking and I will see you again in the New Year!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Autumn Enchantment - Junk Journal

Hello Friends!

I'd like to share another junk journal with you today using
Shimmerz Paints to enhance some embellishments.
Below is a round metal rim office tag and Shimmerz Candlelight Paint was used to make the little leaf die-cut look like a metal or resin like piece.
I purchased the round metal rim office tags from
A Tattered Dream on Etsy.
I love how metal rim office tage turned out and will be using Shimmerz Candlelight more often.

I am enjoying making these junk journals.
They're perfect for preserving memories by journaling, adding photos, vintage doily's and laces, and ephemera. 
In this journal, I've incorporated some photos, and an ticket to a play I saw many, many years ago. These tickets make great little collages too. 

You can find a short slideshow of the entire journal on my newly created YouTube Channel.

And, you can visit Shimmerz Paints Blog to get all the product details too. 
I hope the junk journal inspires you to create one also.
Use your scrapbook tools, mixed media skills, add in some sewing, and you can have one too.
Thanks for looking.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Maple Leaves, Shimmerz Paints, and Tim Holtz Tickets

Hello my art friends!
I am up on Shimmerz Paints Blog today
sharing these maple leaf embellishments using
Shimmerz Paints
and Tim Holtz Tickets.
Come on by and I'll
tell you how I created them.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Shimmerz Paints Design Team Post - An Arty Mixed Media Tag

Hello Blog Friends!
Today, I'm up on the Shimmerz Paints Blog
sharing my Lawrence Alma -Tadema inspired
tag using some yummy, creamy colors.
Come on over to Shimmerz 
and I'll tell you what products I used.
See you there!